Every daycare director knows that caring is at the heart of every childcare program.

Your business even has the word “care” in it, just in case people didn’t realize that’s what you’re all about 🙂

But let’s face it, parents aren’t just looking for a daycare that cares about kids…that’s the bare minimum requirement!

Think of it from a parent’s perspective: selecting a daycare can be a very stressful process them.

The #1 reason parents enroll their kids in a daycare

In our experience, at the end of the day, it’s pretty simple:

Parents will only enroll their children in your daycare if they feel you share their beliefs and values.

This may sound harsh, but if parent’s are unsure about this, that child isn’t enrolling…period.

So as a daycare director, one of your jobs is to communicate what your beliefs and values are.

That’s where your website comes in.

Done properly, your site is can become an automated enrollment machine, attracting new parents every day and keeping your enrollment pipeline full and healthy.

Today we’re going to talk about 5  sure fire tips to help your website do just that.

Why a Business Website Is No Longer Optional

The simple fact is that daycares without a good looking website are at a disadvantage.

The good news is, updating (or even creating) your site doesn’t need to be a time consuming operation.

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5 Website Best Practices You Can Implement Today 

In fact, implementing these “best practices” has been shown to boost enrollment by up to 80%.

  1. Turns Out, First Impressions Count (A Lot)

    First off, your site needs to look great. Dated designs containing unprofessional graphics and poorly written content will put your program in an unfavorable light.

    Whether your website visitors know it or not, they will judge you on the visual appeal of your site. A clean, professional look will set you apart, in a good way.


    Good looking site...and...not so much!
    Good looking site…and…not so much!
  1. Take pictures of your happy kids in action and display them all over your site

    It’s absolutely true about pictures convey a thousand words, especially in cyberspace.

    Put plenty of photos of happy kids in action on your website. You will be amazed at the sheer power those photos will have. Pictures of children have a highly emotional impact, and they’re contagious!

    If the kids are laughing or smiling contentedly, your visitors will want their own kids to join in the fun.

    Who WOULDN'T want their little one having this kind of serious fun?!?!
    Who WOULDN’T want their little one having this kind of serious fun?!?!
  2. Communicate What’s UNIQUE About Your Program On The Homepage

    In the case of a daycare center website, home is where the family is. Parents want to see that the people they trust their children with have principles they agree with.

    What’s your teaching philosophy? What makes your center different from all the others? Give your visitors at least one stand-out reason why your daycare center is unique.

    Communicating this “uniqueness” is called your unique selling proposition.
    Perhaps the thought of “selling” the benefits of your daycare may seem unappealing, but at the end of the day, a daycare is a business. For any business to survive, it’s gotta generate money – money to pay your staff, the electricity bill, your rent, and, oh yeah, yourself!

    So clearly identify that “USP” and put it on your website, front and center.

  1. Your Secret Weapon: The “About Us” Page

    The secret...your About Page...shhhh
    The secret is…your About Page…shhhh

    Ever notice how boring most “About Us” pages are?Well, in our experience building websites at Cribsters, this page is the most most-clicked page on any daycare website. This is where you shake your potential customers’ hands and bring them inside so they can get to know you.

    -Give your visitors a good look at your personality on this page.
    -Keep in mind that you want to create a fun, confident atmosphere.
    -Tell your personal story
    -Feature your staff (including pictures and bonus points for bios)
    Don’t boast. Keep it light and understated…avoid calling yourself the best provider!

    Keep in mind that you don’t need to include ALL of the above. Just pick out one or 2 areas to focus on, and you’ll be ahead of game.

    At the end of the day, the “About Us” webpage will help you gain your visitors’ trust by putting your best foot forward.

  2. Display Your Tour Availability Schedule Prominently On Your Site

    This one is crucial. The best way to enroll children is have their parents take a tour.

    A very simple calendar is all you need

    The very act of coming to your center, speaking with you and committing their valuable time puts them in prime position for you to close the deal.

    Make it easy for parents to make an appointment. Have a calendar that’s very easy to find, your site.




Website Design Doesn’t Have To Be Hard (Or Expensive)

At Cribsters, we know from experience that the single biggest barrier to implementing the above steps is technology. You and your staff are so busy focusing on your children, that you don’t have time to learn “tech”.

You also don’t have bundles of spare cash laying around to hire a pricy web development company.

We get it.

That’s why we’re making it easy to get a great looking website. Coming very soon (like, days not weeks) we’ll be introducing a service to solve all of your website problems in one fail swoop.

If you’re interested in learning more, click below to head over to and check it out.

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