The Ultimate Preschool Website Checklist

So you want to build a 5-star website for your preschool?

If you want to make sure that your school is effectively selling itself online, you'll need a few key elements. From trust-building content to essential preschool website design tips, this checklist is your ticket to a sharp, professional, and well-rounded preschool website.

Proof of Legitimacy

- Proper licensing and accreditation, as required by your state and county. Take a look at our Preschool Startup Guide for step-by-step advice for starting a daycare center. You’ll want to display this information front and center to ensure prospects that your business is indeed legitimate and credible.

- Next, you'll need a stellar About Us page that actually communicates the mission and goal of your school. This is your best opportunities to show parents the passion you have for their child's education, and the better you can show your credibility and enthusiasm for teaching, the better your chance of landing a contract with each visit.

Multi-Media Content

Show the features of your preschool online.

- Photos are an essential element of a great website. Never resort to stock photography or digital renderings. Real pictures of your staff and location give your site an authentic personality that shines through when curious newcomers visit your site.

- Take shots of the outside of the facility to help parents recognize the location

- Pictures of your staff in their classrooms will help parents develop a warm, trusting relationship with your school

- Be sure to snap pictures of the whole team for your ‘About Us’ page

- Try taking sample pictures of children playing or learning in your classroom.

  - Take a few staged pictures that showcase your unique teaching materials and styles, preferably incorporating your lesson plan

- Videos play a bigger role than ever in boosting the search engine rankings and credibility of your site as well. Over all else, you want to show parents that they should trust you with their children, and there's no better way to do that online than video content showing you and your staff doing what you do best– teaching! Interviews with your teachers are an excellent way to showcase their skills and highlight their unique teaching styles.

Feature Programs and Schedules

Organize tabs of relevant information about your preschool for easy navigation.

- Be sure to include your annual schedule. A lot of parents of preschoolers aren't exactly sure of when to enroll their child. Suggest specific times and dates for parents to begin their research, start applying, and carry on with enrollment.

Be sure to mention special days like ‘open house,' when new parents can meet your teaching staff, and holidays you will and won't be open. Somewhere in the list, you should include the day to day schedule for your students; namely, drop off and pickup times.

This is also a wise place to feature program updates, information about substitute teachers, or other miscellaneous information for parents to check on as the year progresses.

- Have a page discussing all the services and programs you can provide students. Feature any special needs programs, early child care services, or

- Have a pdf of the curriculum on the site, or at least samples of your curriculum, with an overview of the types of activities that your students will be involved in. This is a good place to outline seasonal activities and monthly or weekly themes if you have any.

Cohesive, Clean Design

- The design of your website is an essential piece of the puzzle, and it's unfortunately where many preschools fall short.

A simple, professional website with just a few high-quality images and videos per page and plenty of detailed content should do the trick.

- Be sure to tell a story with the pictures on your homepage using an image rotator in the header of the site, a consistent complementary color scheme, and some fun, cheerful design elements that reflect what your preschool program is about.

If you aren't keen on web design, consider hiring a professional for the job. Our team has helped countless businesses grow with our stunning design and data-driven approach to content. Remember that your design is ultimately the first impression you'll be leaving on parents.

The better your website looks, the more credible your institution will be in the eyes of potential clients.

- Watch this short video about great website design for more simple design ideas proven to work:

Credibility and Security

- Showcase your certifications and accreditations right on the homepage, so parents know that you’re trustworthy right from the get-go. Most certifications and accreditations have a digital seal you can acquire on sites like

If not, the company that gave you the seal, certification, or badge can probably provide you with an embed code to display to your visitors.

Depending on the badges you have, this can be the most important element of your site for developing trusting relationships with your future clients.

- You’ll also need a reviews page. Try to get relatives, former colleagues, past clients, friends with children, or just about anyone you can think of to write great reviews for your website.

If you’re a part of a directory like Yelp that features customer reviews, be sure to use a 3rd party widget that aggregates all of the quality reviews directly to your site, so you always have a fresh influx of good content on your review page.

- SSL certificate: If you want to have an online form, which would be incredibly convenient for parents, you should showcase that all of your on-site communications will be secure.

Having an SSL certificate ensures that your site has an extra layer of protection from information thieves, and makes it possible to share sensitive information. It will give both you and your customers peace of mind, and even make it possible to sell products and packages online. If you plan on having uniforms, for example, you'll need an SSL certificate to ensure safe purchasing.

Many savvy consumers won't enter information or make purchases online unless they see the signature SSL certificate badge on the search bar, usually displayed as a lock-pad next to the URL.

Keeping Parents in the Loop

Stay organized with digital versions of necessary forms.

- An email subscription form is another way to build a good rapport with parents. Creating a monthly or seasonal newsletter can keep parents up-to-date on critical materials, lessons, and events. The more you can get them to participate in your efforts, the better the results will be for your students.

Homework assignments, lesson overviews, and supplementary learning materials can regularly be shared with parents as well, giving your students a more holistic and immersive learning experience.

Contact Us form. Parents will almost always have questions, and a primary ‘contact us' form on the site is an excellent way to make sure that you address everyone's concerns.

This is also a great place to add your location, phone number, and business email. You can get form submissions delivered directly to your inbox so you can promptly respond to your potential clients' most pressing questions throughout the day.

- Social Media Links - Social media can help keep you top-of-mind with existing and past clients. Continuing to build an active online presence will increase the likelihood of repeat and referral business.

According to Pew Research, about 59% of parents acquired useful information about parenting on social media within 30 days of the survey. If your content gets shared by your current clients, there is a high likelihood that you'll have better visibility among their friend-group.

- As your digital media presence grows, you may even want to consider social media advertising as a way to market your services to people in your community.

It is both a low-cost way to advertise your business and a great way to target families with young children. There are countless ways to specify who sees your ads and when making it an affordable approach for zeroing in on the types of clients you serve best.

- A blog, much like social media and newsletters, is an excellent way to show parents and visitors what you do at your school. It also gives you and your staff a great opportunity to share pertinent research, observations, and theories.

Regularly updating your blog content with relevant information is also a great way to improve your site's rankings.

Once you've completed all of the essentials, your school's searchability and profitability will soar. More tech-savvy parents are turning to the internet to find the best schools for their children, and having a well-designed, and well-maintained website will keep you ahead of the competition now and in the years to come.

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